Forensic Freebie with

So, I have an old domain that I haven’t used: I could keep paying for ownership, and wait and wait for some reason to come up for me to use it.

Or, I could use it now by giving it away to someone else who wants to start a digital forensics blog!

So that’s what I’m going to do.

The Competition

Update 2020/05/18!

It’s with great pleasure that I annouce I have transferred ownership of to @AzuleOnyx! Looking forward to reading their blog!

The Applicant

Are you an aspiring DFIR student who wants to write a blog? Maybe you have some ideas but haven’t got around to it? Maybe you have one idea but don’t know where to begin?

By ‘student’ I don’t mean strictly in university or formal education. I mean someone who is starting out in the industry. Maybe you have your first job, looking for one, or dream of moving into a DFIR role. If you consider yourself to be starting in your career then you fit that description.

The Task

Send me the outline for your first three DFIR blog posts you would write for your new blog. Just an outline, not war and peace. Anything up to half a page total. Feel free to including your Linkedin, social media, or anything which might give me insight into your background. If you aren’t comfortable doing that, then send me a short paragraph on why you fit the description of ‘DFIR student’.

The Prize

Ok, so the prize might not be amazing, but I’ll happily transfer ownership of the domain to you so you can get your blog up and running, and put those ideas to paper, err…bits and bytes.

The Winning Criteria

We’ll it’s basically me judging who I think has some great ideas that would be worthwhile topics for a DFIR blog. The posts don’t need to be ‘leet’ or ground-breaking (have you read this blog?), but demonstrate that you have given some thought to what you want to write as the first few posts.

Terms and Conditions

You rely on me to choose the winner, and I rely on all of you to put forward legitimate entries with the best of intentions. By that, I mean that you are actually a student and do intend to write you blog. While I can’t force you, or prevent you, from squatting on the domain (like I have), I’ll be disappointed it couldn’t have gone to someone who might have made use of it.

The only real condition is my decision is final.

Good luck. I’ll review received submissions from 18th May 2020 0900 UTC and depending on how many received I’ll announce the winner shortly after.

Hit me up if you have any questions at [email protected].